A Wonderful Little Book of the Cunning Path

REVIEW – Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways – by Gemma Gary

I found this a wonderful little book! It ticked all the boxes for me, in more ways than one. The Contents briefly are: The Cunning Path, The Dead and the Underworld, Bucca (Deity), Places of Power, Tools, the Circle, Hearthside rites, Compass rites, the Trade (spells) rites of the moon, and The Furry Nights (or, Sabbats).

She covers the cosmology of the Cunning – Nevek and Annown (above and below, or heaven and the underworld) with the ‘Great Pole’ or ‘World Tree’ which runs vertically between the worlds. She also covers deities – yes, this type of Trad Craft acknowledges deities!! in the form of Bucca, the goat God, two sided Dualistic form of whom are Bucca Gwidder and Bucca Dhu, the white and black God, opposing forces as one. I think it was mentioned that Bucca Dhu is the feminine aspect, although the divide between the two aspects was not specifically defined in this way. She also covers walking the serpent path of ‘Sarf Ruth’.

Calling the quarters is included in this particular tradition, and she also recognises a familiar animal for each one, which I really liked – Toad, Snake, Hare and Crow. She also gives recipies for incenses and oils to make for each animal later in the book, and also references their use in spells during the chapter, ‘The Trade’.

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