5 Star Review for ‘Craft of the Wise’ in Pentacle Magazine!

‘Vikki Bramshaw’s new book is out through O-Books, (and is) grounded in the realities of Witchcraft. Although it is aimed at the novice, there is an insight there and a depth that is lacking from the usual 101 type books. It’s her first book, but she brings something out in the writing, and the teaching component, to show she’s actually listened to her teachers, and also developed their thoughts in a logical, progressive way. She will be quite a force to reckon with in the near future, and for a first book, its definitely one of the best initial offerings I’ve seen for a long time. Let’s hope this isn’t a case of beginner’s luck, although I very much doubt it is. Contrast it with (some other new books) and you can see the vast disparity between (them) in depth, originality and honesty. It’s definately a good, educational book, and having Aunty Bunty (Maureen Wheeler) as her teacher and guide, is definitely well grounded in the facts of traditional practice. I only wish that something like this was around when I was initiated – I will however be recommending it as background reading for those with an interest in Witchcraft.’
5 Pentacles (Stars)
Jon Randall, Autumn 09 issue of Pentacle Magazine

Thanks Pentacle Magazine!