Speech by Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone: Read out by Maggi at the Book Launch, 21st Nov 09
Dear Vikki, and everyone gathered here. First of all, our apologies, we would have liked to have been here for Vikki’s first book launch.

All we’d like to say is that it is a wonderful book – one of the best Wiccan primers we have seen in a long time. Of course, we would have to say that, as Gavin is mentioned at the beginning of the book as the head of a line, and Janet and Stewart’s books are mentioned throughout!

It’s gone to Gavin’s head and he is now seriously considering whether he should get everyone together and get them to crown him ‘King of the Witches!’ (pause) Yes, thats a joke! But he is proud to tell people that Vikki is decended from that small coven in a terraced house in Portsmouth, where he and his ex-wife initiated Maureen many years ago.

Just to finish by saying we hope Vikki and everyone have a good night, and this is the first of many book launches for Vikki.

Blessed Be
Janet Farrar And Gavin Bone