Another 5 Star Review from a UK reader

“Written from the perspective of a Priestess of the Craft of the Wise, which we sometimes call Wicca, this book by Vikki Bramshaw is a good one. There has been countless attempts at writing a new Witches Bible by authors who want to emulate the Farrar’s What Witches Do and Eight Sabbats for Witches, but they have all failed. Whilst this book does not pretend to be a replacement for that book, not at all, it does however for the first time in my opinion provide a text which can be read alongside it. In otherwords, I am suggesting that those individuals who are new to Wicca and wanhaw, craft of the wise, t to learn about it today, should consider reading The Witches Bible by the Farrars, but precede it by reading this book by Vikki. It will provide a better idea of how things have changed and evolved in the last few decades. And change they have! If my athame could talk! This is a solid book for someone interested in generic paganism too. The emphasis should be on INTRODUCTION and it is a good one. For those seeking their first read, this is a good one.”

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