Vikki Bramshaw is an author specialising in pre-christian religion and esoteric traditions. Some of her passions are religious history, theurgy, initiatory rites, and trance. Her latest book, 'Dionysos: Exciter to Frenzy' was published with Avalonia Books in 2013.

Her first book, 'Craft of the Wise: A Practical Guide' was published with John Hunt Publishing in 2010, after which Vikki wrote for several anthologies with Avalonia Books including Swaying with the Serpent: A Study of the Serpent Girdled Hekate (featuring in the anthology 'Hekate: Her Sacred Fires' in 2010) and 'The Scorpion & the Bridal Bed' (featuring in the anthology 'VS: Thou Art That - That Thou Art' in 2011).

Vikki has also successfully completed several courses as part of her ongoing research, including The Origins of Human Behaviour with Oxford University. She is also a trained Holistic Healer with the Scottish Healing Association, and has studied an introductory course in counselling and transactional analysis with Peter Symonds College of Winchester.