New book ‘Dionysos: Exciter to Frenzy’ available for order soon!

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Dionysos Exciter to Frenzy

‘The fates made him perfect … the god with ox’s horns, crowned with wreaths of snakes – that’s why the Maenads twist in their hair wild snakes they capture.’  The Bacchae, 129-135, Euripides, c 400BCE

Dionysos, dancing his many-formed pattern of rebirth, challenge and liberation, is one of the most intriguing and intoxicating gods of the ancient world. In my new book ‘Dionysos: Exciter to Frenzy – A Study of the God Dionysos in Mysticism & Lore’ I explore the numerous facets of his personality and worship, revealing the hidden faces of the thrice-born god and the extent of his influence in the mysteries of the ancient world – and even in modern mysticism.

Dionysos: Exciter to Frenzy is due for publication with Avalonia Books in 2013.

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires

My essay ‘Swaying with the Serpent: A Study of the Serpent Girdled Hekate’ will feature in the new book, ‘Hekate Her Sacred Fires’ edited by Sorita d’Este (see for more info).  This book brings together the visions of around 50 devotees, mystics, priests and priestesses who share their experiences, often for the first time, in this volume through essays, prose and artwork.

To coincide with the release of ‘Hekate Her Sacred Fires’ we are inviting you to join us in a worldwide day of celebrating and honouring the Goddess Hekate on the Full Moon, Thursday 27th May 2010 and to participate with hundreds, maybe even thousands of others around the world in THE RITE OF HER SACRED FIRES.

All you need to join in the ceremony is yourself, an undisturbed space and a candle (or another devotional fire, such as a lamp or hearth fire, for example). The ceremony will be provided as a printable PDF, as well as in other multimedia formats from the 20th of May. It takes approx 5-6 minutes to complete and can be incorporated into a longer ceremony, or performed by itself. YOU CAN PARTICIPATE FROM WHEREVER IN THE WORLD YOU ARE – by yourself or with friends.

There are already groups and individuals who have committed to joining in from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia, Chile, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, U.S.A., Canada, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, England, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and many more …

The ceremony will be made available in both English and Spanish. If you would like to translate it into another language, you will have the option to get in touch and help with that from the 20th onwards.

For more information about the ritual and to receive updates, please visit :!/event.php?eid=100148826697703

Hekate: Her Sacred Fires

The anthology HEKATE: HER SACRED FIRES containing essays, prose and artwork about the Goddess Hekate will be available for pre-order from Avalonia books from the end of May 2010. Myself and more than 45 other individuals from all around the world have all been working on this project for the last few months, and it has proved to be a huge success! There is a Facebook page dedicated to the project, through which you can find out more and also interact with other Hekate devotees – including a number of the contributors. Hail the Torchbearer, Mistress of Flames …

Winds of Change

Well, the dust has settled since the book launch of Craft of the Wise: A Practical Guide, which was a huge success thanks to Liz and Trevor of Witchcraft Ltd who allowed us to use one of their shops as the venue for the evening.

It was lovely to see so many friendly faces there, and it was a particular honour to have all three of my High Priestesses in the same room – Natalie, Maureen, and Morgaine. This was a rare occasion, which gave us a chance to recognise their own commitment to the practice, whilst also giving me the chance to thank them for what they took the time to teach me.

Janet and Gavin also made an appearance, by the medium of the World Wide Web. They had emailed a speech to my friend Maggi to read out on the night, which was a really lovely thought – and one which now has us referring to Gavin as ‘King of Witches’!!

Since the book has been released, I have been contacted by occult practitioners from all over the world – Greece, Australia, and America, to name just a few. This has been extremely insightful (and something which I hope will lead to some travel opportunities in the future!)

So what next? A few months ago, I said that I would wait at least a year before considering writing anything new. But it looks like the Gods have other ideas, as always … so I have begun writing again, this time focusing on a more specialised aspect of the Craft. I am being guided in a certain direction to cover what I consider as a very important, but often overlooked, element of modern (and ancient) practice. I will not be able to make the subject matter of the new book public yet, but I will as soon as I can.

So, being guided on a new path yet again! As with my writing, I usually find that it is near impossible to try and plan a ritual with a fine toothcomb – and we very rarely write a detailed script to follow. A list of ideas, and a suggested itinerary for the evening, perhaps – but intuition, creativity and fluidity seems to be what is most important to those Gods who are guiding my groups’ rituals at present.

They have started appearing to us in their fundamental, organic, primordial forms. They ask for words and actions which are spoken intuitively from the heart, from the depths of the soul – spoken with a passionate delivery which is – quite literally – fit for the Gods. We are all being pushed in the direction of more daily devotions, lustration, supplication, and meditation.

Of course, it won’t always be like this; the wind will change again, and we will be taken down another path, guided in another direction. The important part of course is to listen, to learn how to separate their messages from the white noise, and act on what the instinct of the moment demands.

my thoughts on a chilly august eve

Now I have a wordpress, I thought I would take the opportunity to get a few of my thoughts down in writing! On the whole, I will be using this blog for writing about particular subjects rather than using it like a diary – but here’s a quick update from me in relation to the book release in October.

My new book, ‘Craft of the Wise: A Practical Guide to Paganism and Witchcraft’ is the outcome of 10 years of study and practice in the Craft. I was lucky enough to have had some fantastic teachers along the way, and I now run my own coven in Hampshire on the edge of the New Forest, together with my High Priest and friend Pete Lugh Lámhfhada.

My tag line for this blog is ‘Student, Teacher, Author, Priestess’, because I consider myself to be all these things. As the saying goes, ‘You can teach a student a lesson for a day – but if you can teach them to learn by creating curiosity, they will continue the learning process as long as they live.’  This is what the Craft, as a mystery tradition, really does; we seek that which is yet unknown. Every moment of life is part of the mysteries – and we never stop learning from ourselves, and each other!

It’s been an exciting few months as the publisher has been going through the last of the motions with my book in order to have it ready for release at Samhaine. There’s been a few very minor changes in the manuscript, and the book now stands at a grand total of 416 pages. The cover image is drawn by Annika Garratt . You can pre-order the book now from most retailers, including Amazon and Borders (if you order it now, you will recieve it on or shortly after the 30th October 09). My book launch signing and party will be at Cat & Cauldron, Glastonbury, on the 21st November 09.

I have a few websites and links around the web which I thought I would blog here, including my Craft of the Wise Website, Amazon Author Central Profile (which has updates from this blog) and my General Amazon Profile where I review books by others. I am also on ‘Witchvox’ where I sometimes post articles and notices, Profile Here. For those of you reading this blog from a feed, my blog address is .